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Certain dramas take an audience along for an emotional ride...

The award winning Skip Erickson film "MESSAGE" is one of those films.
Nicholas Joseph Mackey and Ashely-Rene' Everest deliver emotionally powerful performances as Eric and Samantha Millar, a husband and wife that find themselves having to come to terms with the loss of their daughter.

Since her passing, they have begun to slowly drift apart from each other, both dealing with the loss in their own way... Eric for the better, Samantha for the worst. Then one day, Samantha receives a message... one that changes everything.

Writer/Director Skip Erickson has added another award winning psychological drama to his arsenal of work with this new addition to his anthology based series that takes place within the fictitious Shaker County.

"MESSAGE" presents its audience with two words of caution... listen closely.

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